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Miba Consulting General System Library


Welcome to the General System Library. This library is intended as a foundation library to make general application development easier. It is designed to provide a fairly complete set of classes that a wide variety of applications will find useful.

One of the key design goals is that implementation details are hidden so that the library can be safely provided to customers without on-going compatibility issues as new versions of the library are produced. A secondary goal is to help developers avoid resource allocation and consequently leaking code. Finally, the library should work cross-platform. It has been tested with real-life applications on both WIN-32 (NT 4.0, Windows 2000 and Windows XP) and Linux. It should work with little change on other UNIX platforms.


To use the library in your applications simply include the header as follows
    #include <mcllib/mcllib.h>
This will ensure that all the basic functionality is made available to your application and library-specific initialization is automatically performed.

Additional functionality is provided for database access and SNMP.


See the README file for details about installation.

Optional Components

The following components can be optionally used:- Logo
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