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MCByteRegion Class Reference

Byte Region Representation of a byte region. More...

#include <mcllib/MCByteRegion.h>

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Public Member Functions

mcuint64 getEnd () const
 Get the end, i.e.
mcuint64 getSize () const
 Get the size specified at construction time.
mcuint64 getStart () const
 Get the start specified at construction time.
 MCByteRegion (mcuint64 start=0, mcuint64 size=0)
 Construct a byte region.

Static Public Attributes

const mcuint64 MCBR_END

Detailed Description

Byte Region Representation of a byte region.

Used in memory mapping, file locking, etc.

Member Function Documentation

mcuint64 getEnd  )  const

Get the end, i.e.

start + size

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