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MCInterrupt Class Reference

Exception indicating an operation was interrupted. More...

#include <mcllib/MCInterrupt.h>

Inheritance diagram for MCInterrupt:

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Public Member Functions

 MCInterrupt (const char *exStr)
 Construct from a C-style string.
 MCInterrupt (const mcllib::MCSrcMsg &msg)
 Construct from a source message.

Detailed Description

Exception indicating an operation was interrupted.

MCInterrupt exceptions are typically generated by the IO classes. Another way in which this interrupt can occur is if a thread which is performing IO has its setInterrupt method called.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MCInterrupt const mcllib::MCSrcMsg msg  ) 

Construct from a source message.

Source messages are messages in the library source and indicate the file and line at which the exception occured, the exception severity etc. Using MCThrow("...") will invoke this constructor with the correct MCSrcMsg containing the file and line information.

msg an MCSrcMsg object to obtain file and line information from and the message details.

MCInterrupt const char *  exStr  ) 

Construct from a C-style string.

In this case an MCSrcMsg is created without file and line information.

exStr the exception that has occured.

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