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MCRunnable Class Reference

Base class used to provide a method which a thread can run. More...

#include <mcllib/MCRunnable.h>

Inheritance diagram for MCRunnable:

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Public Member Functions

virtual bool run ()=0
 Interface to runnables.
virtual ~MCRunnable ()
 Allow virtual delete.

Detailed Description

Base class used to provide a method which a thread can run.

When the run() function return the thread exits. Typical usage is

class MyRunnable : public MCRunnable {
   virtual bool run() {
     ... do some work ...
     return true;
 MCThread thr("test");         // create a thread object
 thr.start(new MyRunnable);    // start the thread running (calls run())
 thr.join();                   // wait for the run() function to complete

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool run  )  [pure virtual]

Interface to runnables.

The implementation must override the run function. The framework calls run when the thread has been started. The status returned from the run function indicates success or failure.

true to indicate success, false to indicate failure

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