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MCVB Class Reference

SNMP variable binding. More...

#include <mcllib/snmp/MCVB.h>

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

const MCOidgetOid () const
 Get the OID for the VB.
mcuint32 getStatus () const
 Get the status code the for VB.
const MCVariantTypegetVal () const
 Get the value for the VB.
bool isOK () const
 Return true if the status is OK.
 MCVB (const MCOid &oid, const MCVariantType &val)
 Construct a VB with a value.
 MCVB (const MCOid &oid, mcuint32 status)
 Construct a VB with a status code.
 MCVB (const MCOid &oid)
 Construct a null VB.
 MCVB ()
 Construct an empty VB.
void setOid (const MCOid &oid)
 Set the OID for the VB.
void setStatus (mcuint32 statusCode)
 Set the status code for the VB.
void setVal (const MCVariantType &val)
 Set the value for the VB.

Detailed Description

SNMP variable binding.

A variable binding consists of an oid and value pair. For get, getNext etc. snmp calls the value part is ignored (if set). The value part is only significant in set operations.

Some of the set accessor methods may be withdrawn

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MCVB const MCOid oid,
mcuint32  status

Construct a VB with a status code.

Indicates a VB "in error"

Member Function Documentation

const MCVariantType& getVal  )  const

Get the value for the VB.

Implement 64-bit counters

Implement IP Addresses

Implement other SNMP data type constructs

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