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MCSnmpTarget Class Reference

Basic Snmp target. More...

#include <mcllib/snmp/MCSnmpTarget.h>

Inheritance diagram for MCSnmpTarget:

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Public Types

enum  MCSnmpVersion { MCSNMPV1, MCSNMPV2, MCSNMPV3 }

Public Member Functions

const MCStringgetCommunity () const
 Get the community string - v1 and v2 only.
mcllib::mcuint16 getPort () const
 Get the port number.
mcllib::mcuint32 getRetries () const
 Get the number of retries.
const MCStringgetTarget () const
 Get the target.
mcllib::mcinterval_t getTimeout () const
 Get the timeout.
MCSnmpVersion getVersion () const
 Get the version.
 MCSnmpTarget (const MCString &target, MCSnmpVersion version=MCSNMPV1)
 Initialize with the specified target and version.
void setCommunity (const MCString &community)
 Set the community string - v1 and v2 only.
void setPort (mcllib::mcuint16 port)
 Set the port number.
void setRetries (mcllib::mcuint32 retries)
 Set the number of retries.
void setTimeout (mcllib::mcinterval_t timeout)
 Set the timeout.

Detailed Description

Basic Snmp target.

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