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MCLLIB Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
MCBaseBase class for most mcllib classes that manage resources
MCByteRegionByte Region Representation of a byte region
MCCLSocketBase class for connecion-less sockets
MCCondVarClassic condition variable
MCCOSocketBase class for connection-oriented sockets
MCCOUDPSocketConnection-oriented UDP Socket
MCDBConnectionRepresentation of a database connection
MCDBConnectionMetaDataMeta data about a connection Meta data holds key/value pairs containing driver dependent data describing a connection in more detail
MCDBDriverObtains connections from an database driver
MCDBExceptException indicating that a database exception occured
MCDBMetaDataMeta data about a connection or a result set
MCDBResultSetRepresentation of a result of executing a SQL statement
MCDBResultSetMetaDataMeta data about a result set Meta data holds key/value pairs containing driver dependent data describing a result set in more detail
MCDictionarySTL safe dictionary (map)
MCDirRepresentation of a directory
MCDirEntryRepresentation of a directory entry
MCDirEnumRepresentation of a directory enumeration, i.e
MCEqCaseClass to do case insensitive comparisons using equal-to
MCEventImplementation of light-weight events
MCEventListenerBase class for event listeners
MCExceptBase class for all library generated exceptions
MCExceptFatalFatal exceptions generated by the library are considered worthy of causing the application to terminate
MCFileRepresentation of a file
MCFileMutexFile mutex object (NOT IMPLEMENTED)
MCFileSerializerA serializer (see MCSerializer) which serializes objects to a file
MCGetOptClass supporting simplified command line option processing
MCGlobalTemplate to provide singletons
MCIMgrTemplatized run-time type-safe interface manager class
MCIMgrBaseBase class for templatized run-time type-safe interface manager class
MCIniFileImplementation of an initialization file (ini file for short)
MCIniSectionImplementation of an initialization section (ini section for short)
MCInitHelperDB Initialization helper class
MCInitHelperInitialization helper class
MCInitHelperSNMP Initialization helper class
MCInMutexRepresentation of an in-process mutex object
MCInterfaceBase class for all virtual interfaces allocated using new
MCInterruptException indicating an operation was interrupted
MCIOBaseBase class for all IO classes
MCLessCaseClass to do case insensitive comparisons using less-than
MCLibraryRepresentation of a dynamically loaded library
MCLibrarySymRepresentation of a symbol obtained from a dynamically loaded library
MCLockProvides automatic locking and unlocking based on scope
MCLogFileImplementation of a log file
MCMemSerializerA serializer (see MCSerializer) which serializes objects to a memory buffer
MCMonitorA monitor is a re-entrant lock with a condition variable
MCMsgA message contains a string, a code number and a level
MCMutexBase class for all mutual exclusion primitives
MCNetAddrRepresentation of a network address
MCNonCopyBase class preventing copying of derived class
MCOidReference counted oid
MCPduRepresentation of an SNMP PDU
MCProcessRepresentation of a process
MCRecvFromResultClass to hold the return value of the MCSocket::recvFrom() method
MCRefCountBase class for all reference counted objects
MCRefCountAccessorBaseDeriving from this class allows controlled manipulation of reference count objects
MCRefCountAccessorTmplTemplate to provide increment and decrement of a reference count using a particular threading model
MCRefCountAccessorTmpl< MCThreadModel::THRMODELMULTI >Specialization of MCRefCountAccessorTmpl which increments and decrements the reference count in a thread safe manner
MCRefCountAccessorTmpl< MCThreadModel::THRMODELSINGLE >Specialization of MCRefCountAccessorTmpl which increments and decrements the reference count in a thread unsafe manner
MCRefCountGetterConvenience class to get reference count from object and store it away
MCRefCountWrapTemplate class to put a MCRefCount wrapper around a class
MCRefPtrTemplate class for managing reference counted pointers
MCRefPtrAttacherTemplate class for attaching to a refcounted pointer without detaching on destruction
MCRefPtrDetacherTemplate class for detaching from a refcounted pointer on destruction without attaching on construction
MCRunnableBase class used to provide a method which a thread can run
MCRWLockScoped lock object for Readers/Writer mutex object
MCRWMutexRepresentation of an readers/writer mutex object
MCSemaphoreRepresentation of a named counting semaphore
MCSerializerBase class for serializers
MCSnmpBasic Snmp session to a target
MCSnmpTargetBasic Snmp target
MCSocketSocket base class
MCSocketSerializerA serializer (see MCSerializer) which serializes objects to a socket
MCSqlStatementRepresentation of a single SQL statement
MCSrcMsgA source message is an MCMsg with a file and line number
MCStreamSocketBase class for connection-oriented stream sockets
MCStringReference counted string
MCStringStreamClass which acts like stringstream but the results are obtainable as an MCString
MCSystemClass which provides system (platform) related information
MCTCPSocketTCP Socket
MCTestMutexBase class for mutex objects which can be test locked
MCThreadProvides support for multiple concurrent threads of control in an application
MCThreadDataProvides a definition of thread private data
MCThreadGlobalTemplate to provide per-thread singletons
MCThreadJobBase class for thread pool jobs (see MCThreadPool)
MCThreadListenerThread event listener
MCThreadModelProvides definition of thread models
MCThreadPoolManages creation of threads and allocation of threads to jobs
MCThrowWrapperWrapper class with a += operator that returns the exception type
MCTimeUtility class to help manage times
MCTimeDeltaUtility class representing time deltas (differences between two times)
MCTimedOutException indicating that an operation timed out
MCTimerMilli-second timer
MCTypeTraitsTemplate for type traits
MCTypeTraits< bool >Type traits for bool type
MCTypeTraits< mcfloat32 >Type traits for mcfloat32 type
MCTypeTraits< mcfloat64 >Type traits for mcfloat64 type
MCTypeTraits< mcint16 >Type traits for mcint16 type
MCTypeTraits< mcint32 >Type traits for mcint32 type
MCTypeTraits< mcint64 >Type traits for mcint64 type
MCTypeTraits< mcint8 >Type traits for mcint8 type
MCTypeTraits< mcuint16 >Type traits for mcuint16 type
MCTypeTraits< mcuint32 >Type traits for mcuint32 type
MCTypeTraits< mcuint64 >Type traits for mcuint64 type
MCTypeTraits< mcuint8 >Type traits for mcuint8 type
MCUDPSocketConnection-less UDP Socket
MCVariantTypeBase class for all variant data types
MCVBSNMP variable binding
MCVTBoolA Boolean value
MCVTFloat3232-bit float
MCVTFloat6464-bit float
MCVTInt1616-bit signed integer variant type
MCVTInt3232-bit signed integer variant type
MCVTInt6464-bit signed integer variant type
MCVTInt88-bit signed integer variant type
MCVTNumericBase class for numeric variant types (ints and floats)
MCVTNumericFloatBase class for floating point numeric variant types
MCVTNumericIntBase class for integer numeric variant types
MCVTOidVariant type containing an oid
MCVTStringMCString variant type
MCVTUInt1616-bit unsigned integer variant type
MCVTUInt3232-bit unsigned integer variant type
MCVTUInt6464-bit unsigned integer variant type
MCVTUInt88-bit unsigned integer variant type
MCWaitNotifyBase class for all wait/notify type objects
MCWaitNotifyAllAn waitnotify which allows multiple waiters to be awoken simultaneously

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