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MCFileMutex Class Reference

File mutex object (NOT IMPLEMENTED). More...

#include <mcllib/MCFileMutex.h>

Inheritance diagram for MCFileMutex:

MCTestMutex MCNonCopy MCMutex List of all members.

Public Member Functions

virtual void lock ()
 Lock the file.
 MCFileMutex (const MCString &fileName, const MCByteRegion &region=MCByteRegion())
 Construct from fileName.
 MCFileMutex (const MCFile &file, const MCByteRegion &region=MCByteRegion())
 Construct from an MCFile.
virtual bool testLock ()
 Try and lock the file.
virtual void unlock ()
 Unlock the file.
virtual ~MCFileMutex ()

Detailed Description

File mutex object (NOT IMPLEMENTED).

Obtains a lock on a file object.

Implement file locking

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual ~MCFileMutex  )  [virtual]


Unlock if the file is locked

Member Function Documentation

virtual void lock  )  [virtual]

Lock the file.

Blocks until the file can be locked

Implements MCMutex.

virtual bool testLock  )  [virtual]

Try and lock the file.

If successful (and the file is now locked), return true, otherwise return false

Implements MCTestMutex.

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