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Todo List

Class MCDictionary
Dictionary enumerator

Class MCFileMutex
Implement file locking

Member sync (bool clear=false)
writing the contents back to the file

Class MCIOBase
Implement static poll method for several IO objects at once

Member MCMsg (const MCString &msg, msglevel_t msgLevel=MSGLVL_ALL, msgcode_t msgCode=MSGCODE_NONE)
implement message catalogs

Member setStdHandle (MCFile::EStdHandle hdl, const MCFile &file)
redirection does not work on all platforms

Class MCSerializer
Implement encoding of type information

Implement header put and get functions (like Java)

Class MCSnmp
Implement PDU splitting if PDU is too big

Member set (const MCPdu &pdu)
Implement SNMP set operation

Member MCSrcMsg (const char *msg, filename_t fileName=0, linenum_t lineNum=0, msglevel_t msgLevel=MSGLVL_ALL, msgcode_t msgCode=MSGCODE_NONE)
implement message catalogs

Class MCStringStream
Allow IO Manipulators (endl, setw, setfill style) to be put onto the stream to change data output format

Member MCSystem (const MCString &hostName)
Remote system interrogation is not implemented

Member MCThreadJob (const MCString &name=MCString(0), mcuint32 minConcurrency=1, mcuint32 maxConcurrency=1, EPriority pri=THRJOBPRINORMAL)
implement thread job priority

Member EPriority
Thread job priorities are not used by the thread pool

Member MCTimeDelta (const char *deltaStr)
implement time delta specification strings

Member toString () const
implement time delta toString

Class MCVB
Some of the set accessor methods may be withdrawn

Member getVal () const
Implement 64-bit counters

Implement IP Addresses

Implement other SNMP data type constructs

Class MCVTOid
Add variant types for other SNMP constructs (IP addresses etc.)

Namespace mcllib
Daemon/Service creation

Shared memory wrappers

Timed events

Pub/Sub messaging

RegExp classes

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